Case Study – Rowe Transfer

Rowe Transfer

Rowe Transfer is a Knoxville, Tennessee based firm specializing in custom crating, medical and industrial rigging, warehousing, and transportation services. Founded in 1883 as a transfer company that catered to the booming Knoxville industrial scene, Rowe Transfer has since evolved into a leader in rigging, crating, warehousing, and transportation projects, both in the United States, as well as internationally.

A Record Year, But an Eye to the Future…

When Smarketing was brought in to perform a Smarketing Analysis—a thorough examination of a business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats—it was discovered that Rowe was having a record year. However, company executives had the foresight to know that the time to invest in their future was now, and to not sit back and rest on their laurels. The result of their foresight was a strategic digital marketing plan, as well as a variety of traditional marketing initiatives and creative projects that would serve to reinforce the Rowe Transfer brand integrity and help spread their message to their target audiences.

The Process Leads to Results

After an initial critique of all Rowe Transfer sales tools, including their website, sales brochures, collateral items, and even their lead acquisition and sales process, the Smarketing strategic and digital marketing teams developed a multi-stage plan that would include a completely revamped website, a revision of brand language for consistency, various sales collateral, a focused social media campaign and, in a bold move, traditional mass-mailing techniques; a move that is often scoffed at in our digital age. The results quickly began to speak for themselves, with numerous leads beginning to flow into the Rowe sales department, thanks to a heightened brand awareness in target markets, and sales immediately increasing, laying the groundwork for another record breaking year!

Digital and Print Deliverables…


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