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Digital Marketing Is More Than Just Social Media and SEO Services…

And that’s exactly why Smarketing’s digital marketing team works in tandem with our creative and strategic staff in order to provide maximum reach and impact to your business via a balanced mix of key digital media placements, search engine optimization services, e-mail campaigns, effective web design, and social media campaigns, while also closely observing emerging platforms and keeping all messages in line with your brand’s core values, as well as other marketing campaigns you may be involved in. Our ultimate goal is beyond just gaining fans or likes; we strive for impact, which is found in interactions across digital media platforms, though we also tailor campaigns to your specific needs and goals.

We strive to accomplish the following basic objectives:

To Establish and Reinforce Your Brand’s Core Values

Our initial marketing push, especially for new clients, is a wealth of information establishing your brand’s place in the community, both business and consumer-fronting. Through this start, the brand will set the expectations of your digital media audience, which will then be expanded upon in the coming months and years. This starting point is necessary to set the foundation of your brand’s core values.

To Listen to Followers Through Call and Response Messaging

Consumers and partners have to have a reason to buy into your brand. They do not want a constant barrage of sales pitches but, rather, they want to have their voices heard. It should be about listening, and this can be accomplished though requesting feedback on a piece of content you share, among other methods. Listening to your target audience helps enable the trust factor, making them more willing to seek out your business. Through listening, we begin to understand what is necessary to establish your business as a leader within its field.

To Humanize Your Brand

It’s a good practice to not be 100% straight-laced business within digital marketing, and especially with social media. The very nature of it is just that: social. Your audience not only wants to know what makes your brand unique, but also what your brand can do for them. This can be gained through consistent content with a personal touch, be it humorous or serious.

To Measure, Monitor, and Refine

Providing content to the end consumer is necessary, but it’s not enough. We measure and monitor engagements via a variety of tools—such as Google Analytics and those built into social media platforms, among others—so that our methods may be refined accordingly as the campaign progresses.

To Stay Abreast of New Technologies

We are constantly exploring and testing new technology and opportunities for growth, determining if and how they may be utilized for specific brands in order to maximize impact.

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