Why Choose Smarketing?

There was a time that allowed even the most progressive business to enjoy adequate exposure simply by having an eye-catching sign, an advantageous location, a compelling product, advertising in print, and loyal customers to spread the gospel of your offerings through word-of-mouth. When the home radio came along, the technology expanded advertising options and provided a medium to reach entire families as they sat around the radio to enjoy shows together. The first radio advertisement, broadcast in 1922, pitched a new development in Jackson Heights, New York – Hawthorne Court Apartments. On July 1, 1941, Bulova Watch Co. became the first company to pay for a true television commercial. It aired right before the Dodgers played the Phillies, and it broke ground as yet another exciting new medium for ambitious businesses to reach prospective clientele.

From that point forward, marketing and advertising saw a meteoric rise via radio and television while print ads still remained a constant. After the internet fully more fully developed and was made available to the general public, the marketing options for existing, growing, and new businesses became seemingly endless. These options only continue to change and increase as new web and social media trends arise and go “viral.”

What does this mean for you now? How does your company balance its presence across print, radio, television, and the internet? Perhaps most importantly, how can all of these marketing avenues compliment traditional grassroots, referral, and word-of-mouth advertising?

A modern marketing firm that can offer and then manage multiple-medium solutions like Smarketing may be the answer. A business owner or manager needs to be able to focus on both the big picture for their company and on ensuring that each customer or client interaction is positive. Having to add marketing to their workload can be completely overwhelming, so being able to outsource that to a reliable, professional firm can yield better results. We know that we do the best work for our clients by developing a relationship with them as their outsourced marketing department. This allows for a thorough understanding of the client’s business, their market and how best to develop their messaging and brand to get the results they require. Want to know more about what Smarketing can do for your business or organization just give us a shout, the first visit is on us!


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