Client Project: Rowe Transfer Strategic Mailings

We talk a lot about functioning as an outsourced marketing department for our clients, and for good reason. When given the authority to pan and to act without hesitation on behalf of our clients, our team of strategists and creatives really start to shine. Suddenly, the drudgery of the day to day tasks of conceptualizing and building campaigns, monitoring, reporting, and refining is taken away from key staff, allowing them to spend their time doing what they do best, rather than giving marketing “their best shot”.

Rowe Transfer is one of those clients that has bought into this system whole-heartedly, with exceptional results. Rowe Transfer is a Knoxville, Tennessee based firm specializing in custom crating, medical and industrial rigging, warehousing, and transportation services. Founded in 1883 as a transfer company that catered to the booming Knoxville industrial scene, Rowe Transfer has since evolved into a leader in rigging, crating, warehousing, and transportation projects, both in the United States, as well as internationally.

In mid 2016 the Smarketing strategic team worked with Rowe leadership to develop an old school mailing campaign, designed to boost their business in key manufacturing communities in the Knoxville area, such as Morristown, Jefferson City, and Oak Ridge. Yeah, we realize that print is supposed to be dead and that digital is the end all…we just didn’t care, because we knew better. After careful, thoughtful research of the potential clients, we realized that a digital campaign would pass right by most of them, prompting no response. It was a matter of researching and understanding our target.

The Smarketing team controlled every aspect of the project, from the tedious, name by name, list building, to the design of a new brochure for the Rowe sales team, the crafting of a sales letter from the Director of Sales, Bart Browning, to the actual execution of the mailings, and the reporting of results, measured in calls to the Rowe office and web traffic from the target areas. To us, this is the definition of being that outsourced marketing department that so many businesses need…the handling of all aspects of the campaign, so that our clients only have to think about converting their leads into sales.

The campaign was approached in a “rolling thunder” manner, meaning that we sent small, hyper-targeted mailings over a course of time, rather than a single, large blast. This was to keep project costs as low as possible, aid in the measuring of results, and, importantly to Rowe, not overwhelm their sales staff and leave potential leads hanging. Two styles of mailings were sent: one traditional and one non-traditional, featuring a tube with a Rowe Transfer branded pen inside, for a little bit of intrigue when the package arrived.

Results, thus far, have been excellent. Within days of each mailing, there were significant spikes in web traffic to the Rowe site, from the target areas. These are areas that represented very little web traffic in the past, and the impact is immediately apparent. Numerous leads have either been converted by the Rowe sales staff, or are in process.

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