Earlier this year in April, Facebook announced that Facebook Analytics will no longer be accessible to users after June 30th, 2021. By publishing this announcement quietly on the Facebook for Business help page, the change to the free Facebook Analytics platform snuck up on many. Forcing marketers and users to export their current data and search for alternative solutions.

Why is Facebook Doing Away with Analytics?

Facebook launched their new platform, Facebook Analytics, in 2018 as a free alternative to Google Analytics. Facebook Analytics allowed businesses to track metrics tied to their Facebook Business Page(s) and allowed users to embed Facebook tracking pixels on each business’s website(s) to analyze their audience and their ideal customer’s habits. When using Facebook Analytics, businesses would focus on four of the most basic social media metrics: activity, engagement, connections, and reach. Facebook Analytics was a one-stop-shop like platform that allowed business users to track these standard marketing metrics seamlessly.

The Release of iOS 14 Update

Some sources say that the release of the iOS 14 update through Apple has caused many apps to alter their app measurement tactics, including Facebook. The iOS 14 update asks users whether they want to be tracked by apps on their iPhones. Therefore, if a Facebook user says they do not want the Facebook App to track them, then it is impossible for business users to obtain similar conversion data from previous analytics reports. Disclaimer: Facebook has not released a statement explaining their reasoning for shuttering Facebook Analytics, so there is no proven direct correlation to the iOS update. This update changed the game for many marketers and business users, but there are some other options out there for you.

Alternative Options to Facebook Analytics

Though Facebook Analytics has left us for good, there are several different ways to track your data similarly to the now extinct platform once did before. Facebook has several options to turn to directly on their platform:

  • Facebook Business Suite: Launched in late 2020, Facebook Business Suite is a multi-tool platform that allows businesses to access their activity on multiple Facebook Business pages and multiple Instagram pages across this unique Facebook platform. Facebook Business Suite also includes messaging, advertising, scheduled posts, and measures your business analytics.
  • Facebook Insights: Facebook Insights is a singular dashboard where you can track your business page’s user habits and post engagement. Insights is commonly used in unison with Facebook Business Suite but has not been affected in result of the removal of Facebook Analytics.
  • Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads Manager can help a business launch and track their advertisements and track website conversions associated with your Facebook Business page. Allowing a business to track their long-term performance and hopeful success of your Facebook Ads.

An Alternative to Facebook Analytics: Introducing Google Analytics

Do not be intimidated by Google Analytics. This platform is often seen as a high-end analytics tool, and it certainly has many great features that have allowed marketers around the world evolve their marketing strategies. Once you are comfortable with Google Analytics, the metrics are plentiful for a business wanting to measure their marketing metrics. Google Analytics allows businesses to see their user’s website traffic patterns, their user’s traffic sources, even their website visitor’s demographics, along with several other helpful insights.

Goodbye, Facebook Analytics

Though we are saddened to say our goodbyes to Facebook Analytics, Facebook is not leaving marketers in the dark. There are still many different platforms to track your marketing performances on other Facebook platforms. No matter the option you choose for your business, it is important to remember the reason we used Facebook Analytics to begin with: to measure you key marketing metrics.

At Smarketing, we can help you understand these new and evolving platforms for measuring your marketing metrics. Our team will work with you to set up your business accounts and we will meet as often as you please to walk you through these detailed metrics. Tracking your businesses analytics can allow us to find your businesses audience and demographics, using these metrics can increase your revenue and brand awareness. Reach out today at 865-963-0642 or contact us through our website.