Google business profiles provide google-searchers with all the information they need to know about a business. They house basic information including the name, location, contact information, hours, and website address. Google Business Profiles (GBP) also display reviews, at least they’re supposed to. A bug in the GBP system is causing reviews to disappear entirely from some business profiles. 

Response from Impacted Businesses 

Businesses impacted by the bug are understandably upset considering the impact that online reviews can have on their success. In fact, 93% of consumers report that online reviews impact their purchase decisions. Regardless of how well a business performs, it can take years to accumulate a solid portfolio of reviews. The affected parties saw their hard work disappear in an instant. Many lost hundreds and unfortunately, consumers tend to be skeptical of businesses that don’t have reviews. 

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What caused the reviews to disappear? 

Google uses a number called a CID to identify a specific business on Google Maps and the other data in the Google Business Profile is linked to the CID. Google automatically applied a suggested edit from their web algorithm that created new CIDs for some businesses. The reviews remained with the old CIDs, separating them from the visible Google Business Profiles. As a result, when you search an affected business, all of their information appears except their reviews. 

Google’s Response 

Google has taken ownership for the mistake and assured the public that they are working to make the situation right. With the following statement: “Our apologies here. The team is aware of this bug and has been actively addressing it. Many reviews have been restored, and that work will continue.” 

As of now, some of the reviews have been restored and the remaining businesses are waiting patiently in hopes that theirs will be too. 

Why does it matter? 

Google is by far the most popular search engine with more than 86% of the market share. It’s basic logic that businesses want to be easily accessed on the world’s go-to search engine. Creating a GBP is a free way to make your business more visible on Google. You can post up-to-date information about your business and highlight specific products or services to catch the eye of potential customers. While there was a hiccup in their review system, Google reviews is a great tool for communicating with customers and showing what makes your business the right choice compared to competitors. 

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